Endothelial Dysfunction

Abluminal Surface Coating

  • The diabetic patients have slower rate of revascularization.
  • The abluminal coating of Abluminus helps in faster re-endothelialization.
  • Less systemic exposure
  • Enhances drug delivery to address disease area
Diffused Disease

Biodegradable Film

  • The formation of Film when DES+ is inflated.
  • Formation of film is due to the coating of both the parts of the stent and the balloon.
  • A thin film gets apposed to the vessel wall which can range from seconds to minutes.
  • The film which is elastic in nature addresses the diffuse disease in diabetic patients

envisolution TECHNOLOGY

envisolution technology is a highly effective drug delivery technology with a target specific coating abluminal configuration on stent and parts of balloon. It also uses biodegradable polymer to achieve longer drug release.

Abluminal surface coating

Abluminal surface coating on balloon & stent system for faster re-endothelialization

Direction Drug Release

Lesser Systemic Dose

High Performance Delivery System

Unique coating of system allows for better drug distribution in the vessel wall

Biodegradable Polymer Matrix

Highly biocompatible matrix of bio-degradable polymers for sustained drug release

Technical Specifications




0.70 μg/mm2

Drug Carrier

Lactide and glycolide family of biodegradable polymer

Stent Material

Cobalt Chromium Alloy L605

Strut Thickness

73 μg

Strut Width

80 μ (hinge) – 120 μ (strut)

Average Recoil

Less than 5%

Average Foreshortening

Less than 1% (zero foreshortening design)

Delivery System

Rapid exchange (Rx) stent delivery system

Nominal Pressure

6 bar

Rated Burst Pressure

16 bar

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