The single applicator system with the ability to complete up to a 5cm ablation in 6 minutes

The Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) System and Accessories are indicated for the ablation of soft tissue during open, laparoscopic, or percutaneous procedures. The Solero MTA System is not intended for cardiac use. The Solero MTA System is designed to be used by physicians who are trained in the use and application of image-guided ablation procedures, intraoperative ultrasound, and/or CT-guided needle placement.

Solero Generator

  • 2.45 GHz Operating Frequency
  • Solid State Generator – No annual calibration required
  • Powers up to 140 W – Speedy ablations
  • Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface
  • Integrated Peristaltic Pump – Continuous device cooling
  • Applicator Coolant Temperature Monitoring
  • Reflected Energy Monitoring – Feedback on ablation efficiency
  • No Grounding / Dispersive / Neutral Electrode Required

Solero Applicator

  • Applicator Available in 14, 19, and 29 cm Lengths
  • Single Applicator System – Scalability with a single applicator designed for multiple predictable ablation zones and a single applicator placement reduces placement time
  • 15 g Stainless Steel Applicator – Rigid enough to provide trackability and small enough for minimally invasive procedures
  • Dielectric  Antenna with an Optimized Ceramic Tip – Delivers microwave energy into targeted tissue for speedy ablations
  • Patented Coolant Channel with Thermocouple – Real-time coolant monitoring to help protect non-targeted issue ablation
  • 2.86 m Flexible, Fully Cooled Cable – Allows for easy placement and antenna positioning within the sterile field

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